Workshop Details

🤗 Hi there!
You are seeing this because you have decided to join me in the Inner Journeying workshop!
To make this event as enjoyable as possible, I’m sharing some information to help you prepare for your inner adventure.

📍The Location
The Munich Collective Yoga Studio is located on Belgradstrasse 66 Schwabing between Bonner Platz (U3) and Scheidplatz (U2) u-bahn stations. If you are driving, there are parking spaces around. We start on time at 2pm. Please be at the studio 10-15 minutes before to find your place and settle down.

🏠 The Space
The Yoga Studio will be for our sole use during the workshop. Yoga mats and cushions are available on site. Refreshments like tea, juice and water will be provided, along with some munchies:). For the most part, you will be lying down, but there are chairs available if you prefer to sit.

👕 The Bring Alongs
Please wear comfy loose cloths. Feel free to bring your own socks, blankets, shawls, eye-masks, a journal or anything else you might need to make your inner journeying comfortable. The weather forecast indicates it will be sunny up to 17 degrees.

💧The Enhancer
Up your hydration for the next days and especially a couple of days before the event. Water helps with cell communication and beyond.

🌱 The Workshop
The objective of this workshop is deep relaxation, creating/enhancing your Place of Power and gathering soulful insights for any current life challenges. The workshop is an opportunity for you to explore your inner world and become aware of the way you perceive information from the unseen world. Through group sharing, you will have a chance to share your experiences and hear how others experience their inner journeys — totally voluntary and in confidence.

💪🏼 The Booster
One way to help you get the most out of the workshop is to focus on 2 things that you are seeking answers on in the days leading up to the event. During the workshop itself, try to write/sketch/note down what you experienced. You will be surprised how those information, no matter how weird or strange it might have appeared, can mean something important later on. 

The Flow
Introduction to Inner Journeying and the clair-senses.
Body Scanning exercise
Place Of Power for inner comfort, clarity & strength.
An extended journeying session.
Group sharing

💛 The Aftercare
It’s super important to focus on self-care afterwards. While some particpants enjoy talking  

Well, that is the logical plan for now. What really transpires on that day will be totally up to our collective intentions and group synergy:)

🌟 If you have any questions at all, text or call me before the event. Please visit this website link a day before the event, in case there is an update.


The Inner Journeying Workshop in Munich


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