Hey there!
I’m very lucky to have found Sheela’s website when looking for accredited regression therapy professionals. Her combination of professionalism and warmth mixed with genuine intention to help and understand clients’ needs was really great. I really appreciate the time Sheela took to explain the process and to understand my situation to make sure I feel comfortable and have the chance to decide if I want to proceed with the process or not. The session itself was really insightful and done in the atmosphere of kindness and trust. So, if regression therapy is something you would like to consider, I would definitely recommend you to try it with Sheela:) 
My life has started to shift already and I am still discovering more about myself even after the session. If you are looking for your purpose or meaning to whatever happened in your life, then you may want to give regression therapy a try. It’s truly an amazing experience!

Ola, USA


Hi all,
My first introduction to Sheela came in finding her first book ‘Hello Me!’ on my desk with a red ribbon wrapped around it. It sat there for a short period of time until the Universe guided me to finally pick it up and read it. What I found inside was a combination of stories so close to my own heart that I contacted Sheela immediately to tell her how her work had stirred my soul and that I believed we were to meet. Fast forward a few months and I found myself lying on Sheela’s lounge room floor where her lullaby soothing voice took me on meditative journeys that I could only have imagined. Sheela is now one of my greatest friends who has selflessly helped me deal with loss, self love, acceptance and the healing of my heart.  She is a master at forging your old life and your current one together so that the pieces finally make sense and help you move forward with purpose. I will always be grateful for her.

CA, Australia


Hi Sheela,
I cannot express enough my gratitude to you and the Universe for the work we did together!
My reading with you has been life changing. Most of the questions I had about why I was where I was in my life were completely answered. By applying the things I learned, I have already made many positive changes in my life. Before this reading, I seemed to be in a repeating pattern. I was having no success in my personal life, specifically with regard to finding someone to share my life with. I had one broken heart after another and watched all of my friends and family marry while I rarely or never seemed to be able to get past the initial four to six months in a relationship.
Professionally, it seemed that no matter what I did I had little to no success. Plus, the opportunities I did have were not anything I was actually interested in and seemed to be getting worse. Since the reading and the subsequent review, my personal relationships are more fulfilling and there is someone who could very well be the woman I have been looking for. One of the best career opportunities I have ever had also materialised.
The best thing though were simply the answers I received. I now know why my life was going so well and fell apart. I know what I had been doing wrong in my love life (Yes, it was something so obvious to most, but I couldn’t see it). I know what I had planned to do before I came here and why. I was so lost and I now see a bright path forward because of the things I learned!
Thank you!!



Hello everyone,
I had an ancestral healing done with Sheela in March 2018 which was eye-opening. What got me to do this healing was a wake-up call I experienced a week earlier—my father with whom I have a love-hate relationship with fell seriously ill. However, this time I felt an overwhelming fear that I might be losing him and that caused me distress.

In the session, Sheela started with guided visualisation for relaxation. I imagined a tropical setting and myself sitting under a coconut tree. As I went deeper into my consciousness, I found myself inside a hut looking at a white-haired, bearded old man. He was writing something on parchment paper and I intuitively felt that this was a long time ago. When the old man saw me, he appeared to know me and acknowledged me by smiling. On closer look at what he was doing, it appeared he was writing about astrology. 

In the distance, I heard Sheela asking me to look at my feet. So, I started focusing on my appearance and felt I had a black beard, middle-aged, tall and fair. This was different to how I looked currently. Next, I saw myself walking out of the hut towards a tree with a small table under it with some writing materials. I could clearly see a Lord Ganesha statue made of clay on the table. It appeared we were living in a forest.

I watched with curiosity as the bearded version of me sat down to do some work. I could see him doing astrology charts. It hit me that in my previous life I was an astrologer, just as I am practicing to be one in this life. I watched him gaze into the night sky at the stars and felt within me what he was seeing. It was as if he was expanding his awareness into and across the planetary systems to feel them. He was knowledgeable in Sanskrit and had a natural energetic connection to the planets. I heard him saying, “Knowledge is within,” and “Power is within.” 

Sheela then suggested I go closer to the past-life version of me and absorb the knowledge that he had into my present awareness. At this point, I knew that every single one of us have the knowledge of the Universe within us. And it is only when we find a way to consciously connect within, can we access that knowledge and wisdom.

When Sheela asked me to move to the next scene, I saw the past-life-me looking sad and this intrigued me. He said he became an astrologer but his father was not around to see him become successful. When offered the chance to meet with his father again, he agreed. Then the scene shifted to him giving a talk to a big crowd about the energies of the planets and how they worked. The people were listening intently. Three rows away, his father appeared as a dark silhouette. I felt my current-self merging with that of the past life. I called his father to come closer and I could clearly see that he was happy and proud of his son. It was all that the astrologer wanted in that life—to feel appreciated and acknowledged by his parent. 

Sheela asked me to reflect how that scene was relevant in the current life and this led me to realize that I was anxiously seeking my father’s approval too. I was afraid of losing my father without knowing if he is happy with what I have become. I badly wanted to overcome this fear.

Sheela nudged me to ask my guide—who appeared as a monk— to show me where this fear had originated from. My guide asked if I was ready. I hesitated a while but replied in the positive. 

The scene then switched from me being surrounded by a crowd to a completely dark and dingy space. I suddenly felt an overwhelming fear which I have never felt before. Sheela then guided me to come out to a safe place. Now I saw myself as a young man walking out of a cave into the forest area. I sat under a tree and was still shaking from fear. My guide sat next to me and said that I had tapped into some knowledge about the Universe which I had not been ready for. The imprint of the fear I had felt in that cave was passed down to most of my other lives without being released. At this point, Sheela suggested I ask my guide of a time when I had such knowledge about the Universe and was confident and courageous.

In an instant, my guide took me to a time where I was an old sage counselling people. He looked very confident and I was guided to go near him to embody his qualities to bring it forth in this life. Even though I was fearful, I went near him. What I felt was his warmth and his deep wisdom. He could see into the future of the individuals he was helping and advise them in a measured way. When I addressed him, he was more than willing to help me out too! He mentioned I was still energetically attached to my father. In this moment, my father was called in and he appeared as a dark silhouette. The spirit guides of my father and myself were called on. Also the presence of the Council of Elders were invited to witness and assist in the cord-cutting process. The Council is a reference we used for the group of spirit guides who look after my soul evolution.

I remember it was one of the most difficult and tiring thing to do. I could feel the energetic cords between my father and I were too tightly bound. I knew this may not allow me to be who I am fully and to be on the path I needed to be. In the current life, I was already in the process of taking over his life work and continue his legacy. My father’s guide advised me that I needed to cut cords and stop taking in his energy as it was not beneficial for me. In some ways, he sees himself through me but that is not beneficial for neither of us. I was told I still had time make peace with him before he goes. I appreciated that information greatly. 

In between, I asked my guides and The Council about my soul plan, they pointed to the Sun and told me to look at the visible God and that the answers all lie therein. They went on to indicate I am just an instrument and needed to surrender my ego completely. The Sun represents equanimity in the face of criticism as well as praise. He is a witness but still shines his light as a guide. I was also advised to release past life attachments with my father and my guide actually showed me what to do step by step. Soon after, the image and energy of Goddess Kuan Yin came to heal my heart. She showed me— being an empath—I needed help to set boundaries with others as I get easily affected by their energy.

What I learnt from the session is that I needed to take responsibility for my own life and make things happen. Being an instrument, as told by the guides, gave me a sense of relief as I felt taken care of in a way. All I needed to do is follow my heart and be of service to others progressively.

As I thought about it the following days, I realised I should be who I needed to be and not get caught up in the drama of things in life and that of people around me. We are entitled to the work but not the results, for the work itself brings wisdom and evolution.

With regards to my father, I believe we are now free from our karmic links and that it will be good for both of us. What surprised me was the knowledge that I had so many connections with him over many past lives that was impacting us in the current life. Thankfully, my guide said it will be revealed to me bit by bit in order not to overwhelm me. Being fearful is what I need to overcome in life and this led to the realisation that I am more fearful of myself and my own wisdom than anything else. So I have started to work on it slowly. I know I am blessed and need to reduce my negative mindset. It is important that I speak my truth, regardless of how others take it because at the end of the day, it is my truth and I need to honour it.

Fast-forward to May 2021, there have been progress from our sessions. 

With regards to my father, I know I always needed his validation in my life and was always affected by what he said and did. Often times, I felt not good enough for him. After doing the cord-cutting work and reframing negative thoughts in the session, slowly but surely, I was able to stand my ground. This led me to be accepting of my father’s views and at the same time honouring my own thoughts, even if it was not conforming to his. I can now stand up for myself and give my own views without feeling hurt by his remarks, or even hurting him.  

At work in the spiritual centre that we both manage, at times I need to be firm as I am the President. But I have noticed that my father is no longer so controlling as he used to be and respects my views and actions. Our relationship has improved to a level where there is mutual respect and this makes me happy.

With regards to my career as an astrologer, I have become more confident in my abilities even though it may not be what my father had hoped for initially. Overall, the ancestral healing and regression therapy sessions with Sheela helped me to release negative thoughts about myself and karmic attachments with my family members. This allowed me the freedom to truly be the person I am without neglecting my duties as a son, brother and husband. It is great to know that three years in I am still benefitting consciously from those sessions.

DA, Singapore
2018 -2021