Holistic Coaching

Brain-based coaching methods are applied to help highly driven individuals find outside-the-box solutions to recurring challenges. Whether you're looking for new ways to bring a project to life, or are experiencing an on-going practical conundrum, a solution that's truly unique will be found. The range of services can be tailored to suit your personal goals, your business or your project. 

Inner Journeying 

The answers to some of our emotional challenges are often times buried deep in our subconscious mind. Inner Journeying using echniques from past life or current life regression therapy, inner child work and ancestral healing can prove most useful here, and is done with the aim to fortify and expand your inner-world view. Suitable for finding clarity and closure in matters of the heart. Also popular with clients for initiating and/or deepening their spiritual exploration.

Soul Stuff

It's no secret we are made up of stardust and soul-stuff!  Spiritual Regression focusing on Spirit Guide encounters is a technique frequently used to connect with your soul self and aspirations.


For Sheela, real job-satisfaction comes from seeing her clients achieve great clarity from within. Feel free to contact her with any questions you might have.