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Past Life Regression

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Whether in corporate or private setting, the range of services here can be custom-tailored to suit group dynamics and project objectives:

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“Every soul wants to explore, experience, and evolve towards enlightenment. This is what I have seen with all my clients, no matter how sad, powerless or lost they felt at the human level.”
- Sheela


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Sheela, what kind of personal coaching do you do? 

I’m offering personal holistic coaching. This means I get to know a client before deciding what specific approach to use. For example, someone may approach me and say they need help to feel more confident at work to give presentations. In our first hour together, I will get as much information I can about the client’s lifestyle, history, challenges and aspirations. If the client only needs to learn presentation skills, I will offer coaching. However, if the issue is more deep-rooted, for instance, it stems from a past event where they had faced embarrassment or ridicule for speaking, I will switch to emotion-based modalities. Or a combination of both, where needed. My job is to stay flexible and resourceful for the client’s benefit. My coaching style is eclectic yet solution-focused, with a good mix of logic and intuition. 



What kind of trainings have you completed? And how long have you been coaching? 

My initial professional training was in law and I practiced for a couple of years as a litigation lawyer before switching to the recruiting field in Malaysia. These experiences still influence the way I coach. In early 2010’s, I went through a series of certifications in various coaching and therapy modalities. I have done brain-based coaching training with NeuroLeadership Institute US to cater for clients who prefer the left-brain approach. In the meantime, I was also trained and certified in hypnosis, regression therapy and spiritual regression techniques by Past Life Regression Academy UK. My coaching career started in 2011. 



What motivated you to do coaching and therapy? 

The trigger was a personal medical crisis. In 2005, I was diagnosed with migraine, tinnitus and fibromyalgia within a span of 6 months while living in Germany. The three different health specialists I saw prescribed anti-depressants immediately after diagnosis. I was reluctant to go on the medication as I wanted to know the rootcause of these medical conditions and not just deal with the symptoms. The search for relief led to Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and hypnosis which helped tremendously. In learning about hypnosis, I came across regression therapy and spiritual regression. These complementary healing methods helped me so much that I decided to study them, in addition to brain-based coaching. 



How many coaching sessions would I need with you to solve a problem? 

I believe there is no one fixed way when it comes to self-discovery, healing and finding solutions to recurring challenges. In any case, my clients normally decide for themselves based on their needs, commitment and progress. I have had clients who did one session and benefitted greatly to clients who do a few in quick successions to those who do once a month or annually. If the client wants me to put together a customised plan, we can definitely discuss that.



What is the difference between Holistic Coaching and Regression Therapy? 

Coaching is for those seeking pragmatic solutions to their dilemmas. Here we will do goal setting and figure out the pathways to get to your objectives in a logical practical way. For example, a client wanted to redefine herself after being a housewife for 16 years. In our first session, I sat down with her and did a personal inventory. Based on the existing skills, passions and financial resources of the client, we drew up a list of short-term and mid-term goals. Within 6 months and 8 sessions, the client went from a housewife to a personal coach in her chosen field. There were days when she wanted to throw in the towel, but having a plan and someone to check in and remind her of her progress and deal with any doubts helped. 


Regression Therapy are for seekers who want to work with their deep memory and the unseen world. It often involves light hypnosis and guided visualisation in the beginning to help the client focus inwards for solutions and healing. As an example, a father was grieving for his deceased daughter and it was causing endless emotional stress. Coaching would not be the best solution here as he had already tried counselling previously. I suggested we try regression therapy. In the session, the father was guided into deep relaxation and asked to create a space within where he could potentially meet with his daughter. Long story short, the father meets up with the soul of the daughter and this leads to an outpouring of pent-up anger and sadness. My job here was to ensure the client finds a way to get information and the relief he is seeking. He does after having a conversation with her and understanding their soul contracts. The result was the client found closure at last and was inspired by the interaction with his daughter to redirect his energy into something more beneficial. This is another reason why regression therapy can be useful for releasing or dissolving unbeneficial emotions that are hindering you from enjoying life to the fullest.