Here are a few indicators that people generally interpret as signs of having had a past life.
If you find yourself experiencing any of these feelings or sensations, consider exploring them further to understand their meaning in the context of your own beliefs and life experiences.
How many past life indicators can you relate to without overthinking? 
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Vivid Dreams or Recurring Themes 
Some people might experience vivid dreams or recurring themes in dreams that seem to depict events or places from a different time or era. These dreams may feel exceptionally real and detailed. 

Affinity to certain historical periods, cultures or cuisines
Feeling a strong connection or attraction to certain historical periods, cultures, food or geographic locations can be interpreted as a sign of having lived in those places or times in a past life. 

Unexplained fears or phobias
Some people have unexplained fears or phobias that they believe are connected to past life traumas or experiences. For example, someone might have an intense fear of water, leading them to speculate that they drowned in a past life. 

Birthmarks or Physical Characteristics

In some belief systems, birthmarks or physical characteristics are thought to be related to past life injuries or experiences.

Inexplicable Connections with Certain People

Feeling an instant and strong bond or connection with certain individuals upon meeting them for the first time might be interpreted as a soul recognition from past life connections.

Uncommon Skills or Talents

Possessing skills, talents, or knowledge that seemingly have no explanation within the context of the current lifetime could lead some to believe they acquired these abilities in a past life.

Déjà Vu and Familiarity 

Experiencing déjà vu, a feeling of familiarity with a place or person despite never having encountered them before, might be considered by some as a hint of having experienced similar situations in past lives.