Interview on Irene Weinberg’s Grief & Rebirth Podcast

Sheela was featured on Irene Weinberg’s Grief & Rebirth Podcast!
She talks about the events that led her to regression therapy and how it helped her with self-discovery.   
Here’s the link to the full video on YouTube: 


As a testament to her journey becoming a regression therapist , Sheela has authored the book "Hello Me!" (2016), which serves as a guide and inspiration for personal transformation. Additionally, she has contributed as an author to "Gathering At The Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife" (2022), sharing her own experiences and insights into the realms beyond. 

Cover of the book Hello Me! on personal growth journey using coaching and regression therapy

Hello Me!

Hello Me! self-published by Sheela in 2016, offers a captivating and authentic narrative of Kalina's personal journey. 

As a mother-of-three, Kalina embarks on a profound quest to discover her true life purpose. Through engaging coaching sessions and transformative past life regressions conducted by Sheela, Kalina explores the depths of her being, unveiling remarkable insights into the process of self-healing.

This book presents readers with a unique opportunity to delve into Kalina's remarkable story, providing raw and unfiltered transcriptions of her sessions with Sheela. The intimate and in-depth nature of these conversations offers a profound look into the power of regression therapy as a means of personal growth and self-discovery.

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Gathering at the Doorway by Camille Dan and including Sheela Jaganathan on messages from loved ones across the veil USA

Charity Book Project

Camille Dan’s latest work is an anthology of chapters by a group of over 40 authors worldwide, including Sheela, that features accounts of personal experiences, scientific research, and photographic evidence of survival of consciousness and afterlife communication. This book is a collection of stories written by authors from nearly every continent around the world who come from various backgrounds, and all share something special in common: signs and messages from loved ones across the veil.

In Sheela's captivating chapter titled "The Gateway," she opens up about her profound experiences with her maternal grandparents, as well as a remarkable encounter with a relative-in-law in Germany, during and before their final moments.

Earnings from sales of this book go to mental health and addiction research and care programs, bereavement support services, Helping Parents Heal, survival of consciousness and afterlife communication research, youth and young adult social development programs, and Forever Family Foundation.